Got a new PC?  Unsure of how to set it up? 

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What we can help with?
Unpacking and turning on your new PC
We can help with the installation and configuration. We’ll connect everything up and setup the PC the way you want it to work. We’ll also ensure it works with your broadband connection and install any updates that are available.
Install Hardware and Software
We can also install your existing hardware and software on your new PC, if they are compatible. If your CDs are missing or damaging, we will locate the correct software and install it for you.
Data Transfer
We can help with moving your personal files, such as photos and music, to your new PC. We will also recommend a backup routine to ensure that you don’t lose your important files in the

New PC Setup

New PC Setup

OS Upgrades & Reinstalls

PC running slowing? Problems that no-one can seem to fix?

At Fingal Computers we can help in getting your PC running as new again.