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Call Now: (01) 846 4415

Problems with your Desktop, Laptop, Notebook or Printer?

Bring your PC to Fingal Computers where we can sort out your PC issues in our workshop.
We can also do house calls, so you don't have the hassle of moving your PC around.
We can help with: Repairs and Upgrades, Virus Removal, Data Transfer and Backup Setting up emails or repair corrupt email data , Operating System Upgrades and Reinstalls.
We recommended Trend Micro Worry Free antivirus for home users.
Trend Micro offers comprehensive protection against a wide range of online threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, and phishing attacks.
Trend Micro consistently receives high marks in independent antivirus testing for its detection and removal of malware.
Trend Micro offers a range of additional features, such as parental controls, online privacy protection, and anti-spam filters, which can further enhance the security of home users' systems.
Call: (01) 846 4415

We can help you with:

Top IT Support Service In Ireland.

Computer & Laptop Repair, Dublin.

Call Fingal Computers on: 01 846 4415


Ronan and Paul !! Fingal Computer Repair, your service is absolutely extraordinary in every way, AND YOU DO NOT GIVE UP even when a problem is a REALLY REALLY TOUGH ONE!!! I cannot thank you enough!!! Also, I can't believe you even deliver ink toner. How great is THAT??? Thank you so very much...!!!!!!!!!

Michael Talbot

I was very satisfied with the service I received from your techs as I have been from the moment I started going there a couple of years ago. They have always been extremely helpful, professional, friendly, and prompt! A better customer experience than most and definitely better than others I have received in terms of computer repair. I will continue to be a customer as long as this kind of service is provided and I have told more than one of my friends and neighbours how satisfied I have been.

Maria M.

The service is always excellent you have a great attentive staff not all businesses as you have experienced in life do. I 'be referred many and they have had the same experience Thank You for your service.

Patrick C.

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Call Now: (01) 846 4415

Our business has been established to offer fantastic customer service as well as high-quality computer repairs with quick turn-over. If you have any questions about your computer system or want to schedule an appointment, just give us a call! We’ll take care of your computer repair needs and make sure you know how to safeguard your computer from failing again.