Stories of data breaches, ransomware, and hacking fill the newspapers and television news broadcasts. Cybercrime is a constant threat to all businesses today. It has become an automated, sophisticated and professional enterprise. The answer to these troubling realities is managed security.

Data security is now a board-level concern and the responsibility of everyone. The consequences of a data breach are severe.

In fact, no point security technology will fully protect you. You now need ongoing security practices where security is a part of everyone’s job, led and monitored by qualified IT security professionals.

How do we help you? By implementing an aggressive network security strategy for our clients that includes:

  • Software Security Updates – Proactive patching and updating all your software and applications to close vulnerabilities
  • Enterprise Anti-Virus Applications – Deployment of a robust anti-virus software solution, that’s configured to most effectively protect your network and data
  • Data Recovery Solutions – Disaster recovery and data backup solutions help guarantee network uptime and business continuity if ransomware or other malware should strike
  • Client Education – Education is key to helping our clients understand the latest in network security best practices and minimizing human error

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