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Call Now: (01) 846 4415

PC running slowing? Problems that no-one can seem to fix?

At Fingal Computers we can help in getting your PC running as new again.  We can backup your important data and reinstall your current operating system and applications. This will get rid of all those unwanted programs that are slowing your PC down. We will also configure and optimise your PC so it will stay running fast.

We can also assist in upgrading your operating system. We can advise on the right operating system if you are unsure and design an upgrade path for you.

We can help with upgrading any version of Windows. We can also assist with Linux installations if you are interested in an alternative operating system.

OS Upgrades & Reinstalls

OS Upgrades & Reinstalls

Hardware and Software Installation

Bought new software or hardware? Need some assistance getting it installed?
Then give Fingal Computers a call on: 01 846 4415 .
We can help with installation of any hardware or software.