The Firefox browser is one of the best or maybe even the best browser out there. Of course everyone prefer different type of browser. Today we give you 4 Tips and Tool which you can and should use to make your browsing life experience with Firefox easier and more comfortable for you.

1. The Password Manager

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times —  use strong and unique passwords. But how should we be able to remember all of them? For that reason you should have a look on this Tool. The Password Manager is perfect for this and will be a good partner in your Firefox-browsing life.

2. Manage your Tabs

We all know this when we have way too many tabs opened in our browser. That’s why we should sort them in the way we need them. For that we show you in the video below how to do this the easiest way.

3. The forget Button

How much do you want to forget? Once you tell Firefox you want to forget the last 5 minutes, or 2 hours or 24 hours, it takes care of the rest. This is an easy way to delete your browser history in just a few clicks for the last 5 minutes or more.

4. The Pocket Button

There is something interesting right now one your screen but you have to work now? That’s not a problem with the Pocket Button tool you can safe your opened site for later when you will come back.

That’s it with the Tips and Tools list for today we hope you enjoyed it and we will see you soon, bye…