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Call Now: (01) 846 4415

At Fingal Computers, we have repaired and assembled many custom build computers for our customers. We’re proud to have the right tools, information and aptitude in this field!

We have a list of different problems with custom build & gaming computers that come to us regularly.. so we can find a solution for yours Laptop/PC issues.

We Repair all Makes and Models

Gaming PC or Laptop can show the following signs:

  1. FPS dropping while playing game
  2. Gaming computer or laptop crashing after loading game
  3. PC is a very high specs but not loading compatible game
  4. Network ping is too high
  5. Screen tearing
  6. Gaming Laptop overheats while playing game
  7. Gaming PC is hanging and freezing for no reason
  8. Failed SSD or HDD or overheating
  9. Water Cooling system liquid is all over the components
  10. Burning smell or liquid leaking 

If you wish to enjoy your favourite game without having an issue, it is very important to resolve the issue before it gets too late. Delaying an issue can cause a serious problem and can be very expensive to repair too. It is important to understand your gaming laptop or gaming desktop computer if it has started to act strange, turning off, blue screen etc. Having it checked as early as possible can save a lot of hassle and money.

Call Ronan, Paul or Gregory on 01-846-4415

OS Upgrades & Reinstalls

PC running slowing? Problems that no-one can seem to fix?

At Fingal Computers we can help in getting your PC running as new again. 

Call: (01) 846 44 15