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Call Now: (01) 846 4415

We can help you get started sending and receiving emails. If you need help with getting started, filtering spam or setting up a client program, like Outlook, give us a call. We can help with most email queries and problems.

Email RecoveryEmail Setup & Repairs

We can assist with recovering emails if your mailbox becomes corrupt which is common in Outlook and Outlook Express. Using specialised recover software, we can recover most, if not all, of your emails.

We can install and configure most email clients:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mail for Windows 10
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Evolution
  • eM Client

Email Setup & Repairs in Dublin

Call Fingal Computers  on 01-8464415

OS Upgrades & Reinstalls

PC running slowing? Problems that no-one can seem to fix?

At Fingal Computers we can help in getting your PC running as new again.