Why should we backup our computer?

Data is the most important asset of your computer, what if you don’t set up you backup plan for your important files, it might cause a big trouble of your life.

According to the research from the World Backup Day in 2018, there are about one-third of the people did not back up the data, and one in ten computers are infected with viruses every month.

Do you still use PC or Laptop? No matter which computer you use now, it is very important to back up your data.

What can I do to back up my data?

There are couple ways you can do to back up your data.

  1. USB flash drive

  2. Portable storage device

    USB flash drive and Portable storage device are easy to use and data can be moved from one computer to another which makig it convenient to transfer data.

  3. Cloud Drive (ex. Google Drive, iCloud Drive, or Dropbox.)

    Cloud Drive is more common to storage your data. You can manage your data via the internet without any devices.

What is the best backup solution?

This is highly depend on what kind of data you are protecting. There are some factors when you look for a better backup plan.

  1. Cost

  2. Easy to set up

  3. The storage capacity

  4. The ability of restore and recover your personal data

  5. Can be used on multiple devices

No matter which methods you choose, just don’t wait until the last minute.

Any concern?

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