Office documents.

If you want to print an Excel spreadsheet, make sure you only select the cells that you want to print before you click the Print button. Then you can select “Print selection” and change the other options to make sure it fits the A4 sheet well. You may also want to do some other things, such as shrink margins and change from horizontal to vertical.

Similarly, when you print a Word document or any other document, you can usually define which pages you want to print so that you do not need to print all of them.

Web pages.

Web pages can be of any size and are not restricted by the width or height of the paper in the printer. They are not usually designed for printing, so there may be problems.

Always use the Print Preview option so you can see what you have got. You may not need all the pages, for example, if there are a lot of comments or advertisements, so use this option when you are printing to select the pages to print, for example 2-4 to print pages from 2 to 4. Select the level mode if the page is very wide.

Most of the time you will find the “shrink-to-fit” option in the printer settings, which helps when your document or photo is just a little too big to fit on the page. Some web pages, such as those with coupons to print, have a print button on the web page. Use this, not the print menu in your browser.

Photos and pictures.

For photos or images that you want to print, it is usually best to right-click them in Windows Explorer and then click the Print button. This way you can choose how big you want to print each image.

If you select multiple photos in a folder, right-click and select Print, you will be able to print them all at once, with more than one per sheet of paper (and here you can also select the paper size). This is similar to the “n-up” option in the print properties that allow you to print multiple pages of a document on a single sheet of A4.

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