Building a PC is never easy, and you should always be aware of common mistakes that people make while building them.

Below are 5 Common mistakes that people make while trying to build a PC

  1. Bad handling of CPU and other Components

You may not think it, but PC components are delicate, you need to handle your components with care. The processor is one of the more fragile components, it is highly recommended that you hold the CPU at the sides, rather than the top and bottom.

2. Applying too much or too little thermal paste

Thermal paste is looked at as one of the scariest parts of building a PC, you can create a huge mess with it. And, if you don’t put enough, you can cause heating issues with your CPU.

Perhaps the easiest way to apply thermal paste is to place one drop of thermal paste (about the size of a grain of rice) on the middle of the back of the processor and when you install the heatsink on top of it, it will spread out

3. Forgetting to plug all the cables in

If you fail to plug in all of the power cables in your PC like the CPU power or the GPU power, your computer just won’t turn on.

So, if you’ve just finished your new build, and it isn’t turning on, your first step is to go back through your build and make sure everything is plugged in and seated correctly.

4. Working on the computer, while it’s turned on

One thing you definitely don’t want to do when you are building your computer is to start plugging things into it or working on it while it is turned on. This one doesn’t really need some long explanation, other than that you could seriously damage your components via static electricity or other means if you work on it while your system is turned off.

5. Buying cheap components, in order to save money

You may think that you are doing yourself a favour by buying cheaper components but of the components that make up your computer, your processor and video card (for gaming computers) are going to be the biggest determiners of how well your computer performs. You also don’t want to buy a cheap power supply that wont be powerful enough for your computer.

The experts at Fingal Computers have the tools, gadgets, and knowledge to build or repair Standard or Gaming PC’s, they are able to run diagnostics and benchmarks to ensure all components are fitted and running smoothly.

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