Over the last few years, we have witnessed people making similar mistakes when building custom gaming PC’s, Customers have come in to us with various components not installed correctly like Cooling systems, Solid-state drive, graphics card and drivers. These components are big brand ones made by Nvidia, Asus, Intel, and Corsair. If these components got damaged during installation they would cost a lot of money to replace.

If you are not Tech-savvy and do not know your way around the inside of a PC, don’t do it. It may look somewhat easy after watching a YouTube video but there are many different elements involved with building a PC, you need to to have proper IT knowledge before attempting to undertake this type of task to avoid avoid damaging parts or destroying the Motherboard.

The experts at Fingal Computers have the tools, gadgets, and knowledge to build or repair Standard or Gaming PC’s, they are able to run diagnostics and benchmarks to ensure all components are fitted and running smoothly.

If you are interested in having a PC built for you, or your one needs a repair

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