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Top 5 most common computer problems.

A list of commonly seen computer issues… Number ONE: Computer Won’t Turn On Unfortunately, finding that your PC won’t even start is a very, very common problem. Whether you mean that the computer is completely dead, it powers on but nothing happens, or it just never quite finishes booting, the result is the same –…

The importance of using anti-virus software

The importance of using Anti-virus software is one of the most important parts of computer protection. It can effectively block the attacks of hackers and computer viruses. As long as the computer is connected to the Internet, it may be attacked by hackers and computer viruses. They might steal your passwords and data, make your…

Why backup is important to your computer?

Why should we backup our computer? Data is the most important asset of your computer, what if you don’t set up you backup plan for your important files, it might cause a big trouble of your life. According to the research from the World Backup Day in 2018, there are about one-third of the people…